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Changing Date for Australia Day Essays - Free Essays, Term Papers

Changing Date for Australia Day Essays - Free Essays, Term Papers Changing Date for Australia Day Name Institutional Affiliation Reasons Why Australia Day should be Changed . Native Australians associate January 26th with the invasion of their country. o It is a painful reminder of the harmful past that the aboriginals had to endure, the commencement of massacres, oppression, and land grabbing from the aboriginals. o On this day, people celebrate what is great about Australia. That means celebrating the history of Australia on a day that marks the commencement of suffering to the natives. . The original people of Australia deserve to mourn on the day their ancestors were invaded. o They should not be asked to forget and move on. The day should be remembered for atrocities that were committed, and not celebrated by the generations of people who perpetrated the crimes that their counterparts mourn. . The day relates to the destruction of the native population way of life and culture. o Celebrating Australia day on January 26 condones the start of genocide, racism, the end of freedoms to the indigenous population. . Changing the date presents an opportunity for all Australians to admit a wrong was done, and give an opportunity towards making things right. o It is fundamentally wrong to celebrate a day that marks the start of abuse for some people. . The Australian day celebration on January 26th glorifies the triumph of imperialism, while at the same time ignoring the guilt presented by the particular day. o On that day, indigenous people were displaced and disempowered and thus, the day must be changed to have inclusivity. . For many young aboriginals, 26th January represents the date that their ancestors were dispossessed of their rightful property and deaths. o Thus, to them, it is not a celebration to respect the diversity of Australians, but a day that suffering began for one particular group. . The day celebrates old history. o The modern Australia is multicultural, but the day marks dispossession of a people and the British settlement as well as the history of tragedy. Thus, celebrating Australia is not the problem; it is the date that it is celebrated on that poses the problem. References Amnesty International. (2017, January 24). 'WHY I DIDN'T CELEBRATE AUSTRALIA DAY': 9 INDIGENOUS AND NON-INDIGENOUS AUSTRALIANS DISCUSS WHY THE DATE SHOULD CHANGE. Retrieved from Amnesty International: Australia Today. (2017). INDIGENOUS AUSTRALIANS. Retrieved from Australia Today: IndegenousX. (2017). Why we need to change the date of Australia Day. Retrieved from IndegenousX: change-the-date-of-australia-day/#.WOoMHkV95dh Lui, N. (2014, January 25). Australia Day is a time for mourning, not celebration. Retrieved from The Guardian: a-time-for-mourning-not-celebration The Conversation. (2015, January 25). The day I don't feel Australian? That would be Australia Day. Retrieved from The Conversation: be-australia-day-36352 The Conversation. (2017, January 25). Changing Australia Day is pointless - and there is much to celebrate. Retrieved from The Conversation: there-is-much-to-celebrate-71010 Waxman, O. B. (2017, January 25). What to Know About the History Behind Australia Day. Retrieved from Time: day-2017-history-origins/

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Book review for The Gangster We Are All Looking For by Le Thi Diem Essay

Book review for The Gangster We Are All Looking For by Le Thi Diem Thuy - Essay Example Thuy gives us a shared feeling of the situation and we are placed in layers of captivity by the elders unintentionally though! The circumstances were beyond the control of the Vietnamese elders. Loss of identity and the ensuing struggles was the first phase in their life. Dealing with the consequences and ensuing struggle to get accustomed to the new surroundings was the second stage. The third stage was breaking free from the past and looking forward to the new horizons. By and large Vietnamese-Americans have translated into reality that every crisis is an opportunity and they have gone through the difficult process of establishing the new identity. One important question is whether the author is sincere about her writings. I have no doubt about that and she has recorded the narrations without any motivated desires and as such I give more credence to the narrations than any researched material. This history of this family is like the barometer of the history of Vietnamese people in relation to America. From destruction of identity to its reconstructions is not an ordinary effort. Certain features of the lost identity are lost forever and they can never be recouped, and the only possibility is their fond and painful recollection. The author asserts that she gets some satisfaction by thinking about the palm trees of Vietnam, her parent’s love story, the â€Å"gangster† dispositions of her father, and she even does not hesitate to name her mother as â€Å"bad ass†. The unfortunate incident of the death of her brother constantly bothers her. In the end, the novel leaves the reader directionless and destination-less. That perhaps was the plight of millions of Vietnamese people who suffered untold miseries on account of the long war. The suffering of the near and dear ones of the Vietnamese and Americans soldiers who died was also intense. Besides being a writer, Thuy, is a performing artist. She was born in Vietnam and her parents left Vietnam along with her. The family settled in San Diego. The author writes, â€Å"We live in the country of California, the province of San Diego, the village of Linda Vista.†(88)The author now lives in western Massachusetts. Her parents lived a violently troubled marriage and the author had to put on with this private family war and it must have impacted her psyche as an adolescent as her mind was impressionable. About her father the author writes, â€Å" father, a Buddhist gangster from the North...† (79) Like other Vietnamese who suffered on account of the war, the beginning of the new life was extremely tough for them, as they were seized with grief, longing and cravings for love. Every incident narrated in the story, has the reflection of these three elements. At the psychological level, the author enjoys a love-hate relationship with America. The atrocities committed by the American Army and the resultant devastation to many thousands of families were part of the hi story. America was then protector to a number of Vietnamese also, as the country was caught in an ideological civil war, which the author considers as more damaging than the American war. Coming to terms with the American way of life was not optional, but destined compulsion. She found everything new, the threatening technology embraced every segment of life, the cultural gap and the racist behavior of schoolmates, who clubbed all Southeast Asian immigrants as â€Å"

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The Daily Mail is considered by many to be problematic. What (if any) Essay - 2

The Daily Mail is considered by many to be problematic. What (if any) is the problem with the Daily Mail and why is it like this - Essay Example s, The Daily Mail has come to face a lot of criticism for publishing some stories that have ended up not being true or those that are controversial and this has led to a situation where it has come to be viewed as problematic in some circles. One of the reasons why The Daily Mail has come to be considered problematic is based on the belief that its highly conservative nature has led to a situation where it has been accused of promoting the worst in British society. This is especially the case where this newspaper has been accused of publishing articles that essentially promote racism as well as discrimination against immigrants. Such instances are seen through its bringing to the fore incidents that occur rarely and promoting them as the face of those that take place on a daily basis (Pilger, 1998). Among these is the highlighting of those rare cases where immigrants are provided with housing and allowances by the government at the taxpayers’ expense. The Daily Mail has been accused of using these rare cases as a means of promoting the belief within British society that the presence of immigrants is detrimental to it and that it has to be opposed at all costs. Furthermore, this paper’s opposition to immigra tion has created a situation where there has been an increase in hostility towards immigrants from society who have come to believe that these individuals are taking advantage of them to secure themselves economically. It is necessary to note that this newspaper rarely publishes the stories of those immigrants whose need is quite genuine and those who have come to Britain not out of choice but because of necessity considering such conditions as war in their home countries. It is through such one sided views that has led to The Daily Mail being considered not to be impartial in its reporting. The Daily Mail is a newspaper that has been mired in controversy in recent years as a result of publishing stories that have lacked credibility. This was the case when

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Sciencefiction and reality Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Sciencefiction and reality - Research Paper Example After the pleasure from NBC to withdraw the show during the second season series, many changes took place. The campaigning began, and fans of the series demanded the series to be aired; thus the renewal of the film began in 1969 when the Paramount Television produced the film in the animated series. Roddenberry, the creator of the film used futuristic situations (social movement) as an analogy for addressing ethical and social issues such as warfare, slavery and prejudice. The Star Trek series narrates the tale of the starship enterprise crew and the mission of travelling to a place where no one has ever gone. The film featured the character known as Shatner William, as the captain and other characters including Scott, Nicholas and many others. The film attempts to reveal the effects of the upcoming technologies in the contemporary society. Star Trek series is a film that attempts to reveal the effect of forthcoming technology advancement on the earth. It reveals the way the telepres ence as one of the technologies creates impacts in the society. The telepresence is a technology which allows an individual to control a ship from any remote area. The Star Trek film reveals the way some technological devices works. However, the film is dangerous when exposed to children because it might contribute to violence in society. The movie reveals scientific issues that are most hilarious. It reveals the interconnections between the science fiction and real life impact of the telepresence technology advancement that this technology has created since history. Moreover, many films during the Second World War including the Star Trek used scientific fiction genre in order to reveal the impact technology has created in the upcoming technologies (Leaver 56). Technology has inspired many teenagers to engage with science through viewing this film because it is associated with scientific issues. For instance, the Blade Runner, which uses digital photography and the zoom button, is a n indication of the way technology is flourishing in the society. The tailored branding and film revealed in the televisions seem far-fetched, but they are nowadays everywhere in the society. The scientific facts revealed in the film are informative about science, but there are some compromises that have been made on being accurate and able to recount persuasive narratives. The Star Trek is one of the culturally prominent TV show and influential science novel in the TV series. The Star Trek franchise industry, which is CBS TV studio, is currently a multibillion industry that has contributed to the circulation of the film. Television is one the entertainment technology that has contributed to cultural influences in the contemporary society. Thus, the Star Trek contributed to the establishment of the market for science fiction revealed in the televisions. However, the animated Star Trek series became more common in the market; thus it opened new market for science fiction series such as the Family Guy and many others. Roddenberry in the Star Trek film has created a multi-ethnic group for the venture; thus revealing the way technology has contributed to cultural change in the society. The technology revealed in the article of Cranny-Francis, Anne "from extension to engagement: mapping the imaginary of wearable technology," Visual Communication is the use of personal computers (PC). The author gave PC imagery of wearable tec

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Impact of European Colonialism and Imperialism on African Women Essay e

Effect of European Imperialism on African Women      Ã‚  Ã‚   What effect did the European imperialism in Africa have on the women of both continents? And was this effect advantageous or injurious to the women themselves? Judging by the extremely limited amount of information available on the subject, one could conclude probably a very minimal one. However, upon further investigation, one can see that this effect, although ignored by historians, was very profound and real to the women who lived in Africa in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The majority of the information obtained is about the impact of imperialism on the women of Africa, which is to be expected in today's politically-correct society. However, this causes some difficulty in understanding the consequences of imperialism for women in Europe. Thus that topic won't be addressed here. In Africa, however, the European colonialism completely altered a lifestyle and culture, particularly the roles of women in that culture (Gross and Bingham volume II 52). There is some disagreement as to whether the effects of European imperialism over Africa were detrimental to the progress of women.    It's difficult to understand the effects that Europe had on Africa until one comprehends the state of living for the women before Europeans embarked upon their colonialism. Women were traditionally considered equals or near equals to men in many aspects of some African societies. Farming was the primary occupation of almost every African woman (Gross and Bingham volume I 70). Women were a significant part of the work force and essential to their families' survival (Gross and Bingham volume I 53). Many tribes had female chiefs, and females were given other high-ranki... ...ism." European Imperialism. Online. Internet. 27 Feb. 2000. Available. <>. "French in West Africa." University of Pennsylvania African Studies. Online. Internet. 27 Feb. 2000. Available. <>. "Gender, Culture, and Class in Walter Rodney's Writings on Guyana." Saxakali-Publications. Online. Internet. 27 Feb. 2000. Available. <>. Gross, Susan Hill and Marjorie Wall Bingham. Women in Africa of the Sub-Sahara, volume I: Ancient Times to the 20th Century. St. Louis Park: Glenhurst Publications, 1982. Gross, Susan Hill and Marjorie Wall Bingham. Women in Africa of the Sub-Sahara, volume II: The 20th Century. St. Louis Park: Glenhurst Publications, 1982.   

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A scholar

The definition of what scholar actually means Is a specialist In a particular branch of study, especially the humanities; a distinguished academic. A scholar Is a person who is highly educated or has an aptitude for study. To me my sister Is a scholar she Is a person who achieved what she had to do In life. My sister was the first to go on to college In the family had a four point six all through high school, was a basketball manager, played volleyball, and ran track. During her time In high school In college I tried to follow In her footsteps.My sister Is an minded Intellectual who doesn't put off things and does what she supposed to do. My sister Is very dedicated to learning and continuous to teach me today. My sister went to Miami university in oxford Ohio. She took her meager in sociology and minor in managing and dancing. When she was in college she always pushed her self all through college. My sister was not a procrastinator in college. The definition of a procrastinator is t he action of delaying or postponing something. This is something my sister didn't do during her time of learning.Right now she out of college and is attending grad school to continue learning. Every year somebody throws a big New Year's party and you can bring whomever you want. I never bring anybody only because my family is crazy once they start drinking. Before they start drinking though my family and I eat at home while everyone else eats at the party. Sometimes before we go my mom fixes a Behindhand meal and it is the best. To me it is even better than the restaurant. She fixes it perfect Just the way I like with fried, rice, zucchini, shrimp, and she add the special type that Just makes taste even better.Then' we go to cousins house were the party is. This is where all the alcohol is at and where the most fun is. When walk around you see every one with big champagne glass and you see the guys with Just the champagne bottles they don't care about a cup or glass. Most of the tee nagers have red cups and they get wine and sometimes champagne. The kids get small white plastic cups usually filled with apple Juice or grape juice. I usually don't even care for the wine and champagne. I Just want some sparkling cider; I could drink that every day. Then we gather everybody all around We all go home fall asleep.New Year's will always be my favorite holiday. There Is no other holiday I would trade for this one. Who would not want to see drunken people. A scholar By Edward What is a scholar? The definition of what scholar actually means is a specialist in a scholar is a person who is highly educated or has an aptitude for study. To me my sister is a scholar she is a person who achieved what she had to do in life. My sister was the first to go on to college in the family had a four point six all through high school, was a basketball manager, played volleyball, and ran track.During her time in gig school in college I tried to follow in her footsteps. My sister is an mi nded intellectual who doesn't put off things and does what she supposed to do. My sister is Miami University in oxford Ohio. She took her meager in sociology and minor in my sister didn't do during her time of learning. Right now she out of college and is The kids get small white plastic cups usually filled with apple Juice or grape Juice. I usually don't even care for the wine and champagne. I Just want some sparkling home fall asleep. New Year's will always be my favorite holiday. There is no other

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Thomas Cole Landscape Artist - 592 Words

Thomas Cole (1801-1848) lived a remarkably short life; however, his influence as an American landscape painter gives him his renown as an artist. His art is recognized as possessing all the attributes of Romanticism. Cole’s father owned a wallpaper business, but his disinterest in this field drove him, after receiving elementary art lessons, to travel to Ohio and Pennsylvania. Paintings displayed at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts kindled inspiration, and his pursuit in art continued. In 1825, he visited New York City where he painted genuinely sublime landscapes along the Hudson River and the Catskill Mountains, broadening his fame as a landscape painter. (Avery) Worthy of attention concerning Cole are the Hudson River School of Romantic Landscapes he founded, how the Hudson River School’s art was Romantic, why landscapes are an American national symbol, and about one of Cole’s famous paintings The Oxbow. The Hudson River School Thomas Cole founded c onsisted of a group of landscape artists who painted sublime and realistic images of majestic American landscapes. (Strickland 81) Even though Cole is considered the founder of this school he actually did not contribute any further beyond its original establishment around 1850. (Avery) Despite this school’s deceiving name, it actually was not a school of art. Instead, this organization of New York City-based painters was instigated as a supportive group for each other in their similar artistic style. (Avery)Show MoreRelated thomas cole Essay1698 Words   |  7 PagesThomas Cole Painting landscapes was very important during the 19th century. Thomas Cole was one of the most important figures in landscape painting in the United States. He went to many places searching for nature, which he painted to show the unmatchable beauty nature creates. His works of art helped people see and take pride in their great land, which was called America. Cole’s works were often made people feel like they needed to go out in nature and discover the inspiring world of mother earthRead MoreThe Artist Thomas Cole s Life With The Beauty Of The Hudson River Valley1190 Words   |  5 PagesThe artist Thomas Cole was born in 1801, in England. He was an immigrant in the United States, his family and him migrated to the states in 1818, he was 17 years of age. Thomas Cole lived in many different states including, Ohio, Philadelphia and in Pittsburgh where he work all over the place traveling back and fourth as a portrait artist. Thomas Cole was a self-taught artist yet he did int eract with well know artist. A changing point in Cole s life that in my opinion that had a big impact onRead More The Hudson RIver School Of Artist Essay1534 Words   |  7 PagesCalifornia and the 1870s. During the period, that the school’s artists were active (c. 1820-1870) the nation was in the process of undergoing momentous political, social, and economic change. The works that the Hudson River School painters comprised reflected the changes that were taking place across the continent as well as the self-conceptualization taking place in an ever developing and ever changing America. Many consider Thomas Cole to be the father of the Hudson River School because of an exhibitionRead MoreThe Writings Of Christopher Columbus1053 Words   |  5 Pagesanimals that peeked around, and the people who called it home. Artists such as, John White had heard the tales of what Christopher Columbus had described during his time in North America, which led to them wanting to make their own discoveries. Everyone had their own opinions and views of the world but artists were able to capture the natural images and feeling they had through their paintings. Landscape paintings became of interest to artists as a way to depict nature, a man’s spiritual place in theRead MoreAnalysis Of Vincent Van Gogh And The Oxbow850 Words   |  4 PagesRomanticism/ Post Impressionism, Olive Trees with yellow sky and sun, by Vincent Van Gogh; The Oxbow, by Thomas Cole, comparing it to the â€Å"Spirit Rising, by Christophe Vacher†. In my research / readings of my chosen Artist, I found a lot of information about them that I will descibe individually. Based on the biography, It has been stated that Vincent â€Å"was a most well known post-impressionism Artist, for whom color was the chief symbol of expression, he was highly emotional, lacked self-confidence andRead MoreTaking a Look at Landscape Paintings1821 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Any landscape is a condition of the spirit.† - Henri Frà ©dà ©ric Amiel It’s more often the unknown that causes us to ask questions. Landscape paintings have always had a feeling of ambiguity and mystery to them. Unlike paintings with historical or classical subject matter, landscapes don’t always have a clear narrative or meaning. Instead of providing the viewer with answers, they will often provoke more questions. A historical painting like ‘Liberty Leading The People’ gives us a clear narrativeRead MoreThe Wadsworth Athenaeum Of Art1419 Words   |  6 PagesGeorgia O’Keefe, and Norma Rockwell, but also sculptures by other famous artist. During High School, I took an Environmental Science course that did not only cover the scientific aspects of the subject, but also the how the environment has been immortalized. We studied the Hudson River School and artist like Thomas Cole, Frederic Edwin Church, and Albert Bierstadt, whose works all featured the many environmental landscapes in their works. The Wadsworth has one of the largest collections of the HudsonRead MoreSt. Louis Art Museum736 Words   |  3 PagesSt. Louis Art Museum As Edgar Degas once said, â€Å" Art is not what you see, but what others make you see†. The St. Louis Art Museum is a place for artist to display their art and give spectators the option to see art from a new perspective. This was the case for me. As we walked up to the beautifully structured building that stood so tall and wide, my expectations were extremely high. At first glance I notice the bronze statue of King Louis IX of France riding high on his horse. From this statue aloneRead MoreAn American Artist And Member Of The Hudson River School1255 Words   |  6 PagesAlbert Bierstadt (1830-1902) was an American artist and member of the Hudson River School. He was one of the first of the Hudson River Artist’s to paint beyond New York and see the unexplored west. Bierstadt’s paintings focused more upon the sublime in nature. His painting titled â€Å"Indian Summer Hudson River† was completed in 1861. It is oil on canvas painting, which measures twenty -four inches in height by forty-one inches wide. One looks out across a secluded section of the Hudson River. It isRead MoreThomas Cole and The Hudson School of Romantic Landscape534 Words   |  2 PagesRomantic Landscapes, was lead by Thomas Cole, who was born in 1801 in England. He went to Philadelphia and Ohio as a traveling portrait painter in 1819. In addition, he traveled to Europe where he painted many Italian subjects, and later many of the scenes in his paintings came from his European studies. He died in 1848 at the age of 47. Cole’s artwork represents the Romantic style of painting, especially in his famous work The Oxbow (Fulwider 618). In the life and time around Thomas Cole, three things